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It is hard to do strength/speed workouts in the pool (except for English gate) if it is crowded. I like to do stroke drills for the smaller arm muscles -- draws, skulls, reverse strokes, left and right cross-bow in kayak, etc. All of these can be done with no feathering or feathering, and with wide or narrow strokes/draws. Equally important, they can be done with the boat flat, edged toward the paddle side, and edged away from the paddle side. A timing drill is to do four rolls in a row, starting and ending with paddle across the deck. Fun to watch this. Do fast stroke drill for a continuous 30 minutes and see how your muscles hold out. Add cross-bow for flexibility. Jon

Erik Saarts


What a wonderful compilation of thoughts and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

As a newbie, I have unlimited amount of questions, but I would start out with questions about equipment: length of paddle (both K1 and C1) and position of seat (K1). What are the principles and rules of thumb on those topics?

For example, in C1, on flat water I feel pretty OK with quite long paddle (150cm, being 178cm tall), but even in very mild wildwater it starts to feel pretty awkward. As a newbie, I'm confused, is it just whitewater that I'm not so used to in C1 that makes it difficult for me or should I in fact be looking for shorter paddle?


Love the photos!

John Munnell

Really enjoying the research and commentary --- thank you!

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