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Ron Lugbill

Thank you for your comment and for the link to the canoeslalomworld site. Excellent link for technique videos and explanation. Much better than my blog.

Yes, I remember Peter Keane, and I particularly remember the late Martin Hedges, who finished 4th in the Bala Worlds in '81.

Again, thanks for commenting on upstream gates.

Peter Parker

I think people visiting here will enjoy reading Dan Goddard's (British Team C1 & C2 paddler) very informative disection of the approach to an upstream gate here:- http://www.canoeslalomworld.com/news/403/upstream_gates_in_canoe_slalom_part_1 as this sets out more clearly the "J" line you effectively refer to when you mention a point you need to go to between the gates.

Your final comment above, essentially suggesting that you should not be mislead by the location of the gate directly above the upstream is a very important one.

Incidentally, I was one of those who saw Jon win "Bala '81" - and saw you finish 5th :-) Although I have to confess I was supporting fellow countrymen Peter Keane of course (7th).

As expected, a good blog :-)

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