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Ron Lugbill

Jon, Thanks for your comment. Good idea. I have also paired up people where one person tells the other his plan and then they switch. I find it works well with mixed age groups since older paddlers tend to be able to express themselves better and the younger paddlers learn to analyze moves from the older ones and start to use more sophisticated and precise language in describing what they plan to do.


When i've worked with younger paddlers at easy Class I+ races, i ask them to tell their plan for each section of the course. Then i have them run it and grade themselves (out loud) relative to their plan: A, B+, B, etc. And explain to me what went wrong. This works well for the first paddler,especially, since the rest of the paddlers (if inexperienced) tend copy what the first person said. I also tell them my plan, which is often a bit different.

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